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If you want to lose weight quick and easy, there are hundreds of diet programs being offered over the internet. These weight loss plans offer quick solutions, prescribing a specific food to take in order to shed the excess weight. Below is some of the quick weight loss food. However, the safety of these diet plans remains to be in question.

Cabbage soup

One popular quick weight loss food is cabbage soup. You have seen it on television or have heard it from your friends: cabbage soup is an effective way of losing weight.

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The cabbage soup diet consists of eating nothing but cabbage soup for seven days, which promises to make you lose up to 15 pounds in just a week! During the course of the diet, you are allowed to eat other foods, but these foods are limited, consisting mostly of fruits, skimmed milk, and tomato juice.

Dieters are also allowed to eat skinless chicken and other lean meat, but only in limited proportions.

The cabbage soup diet has quickly obtained a faithful following, but health experts are also wary of the adverse effects of this quick weight loss food. Eating solely cabbage soup rids one's body of healthy nutrients, synonymous to starving yourself completely. Most people eating solely cabbage soup have suffered nutritional deficiencies that are alerting health experts worldwide.

Going vegan

Another quick weight loss food option is going vegan. This is a weight loss food option that has a wide following, even those who do not wish to lose weight. This involves cutting down on other types of food except eating all types of vegetables. This is an effective way of losing weight, but it also cuts your body from taking in other important nutrients found only in meat.

Healthy diet

When it comes to dieting, you should always go for a healthy eating lifestyle. Crash diets and quick fixes are a no-no. Always consult your doctor before taking any form of diet.

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