Your Guide To The Weight Loss Vitamin

The weight loss vitamin ensures that your body remains healthy even while you are losing weight.

The role of vitamins

Part of losing weight the healthy way is taking a weight loss vitamin. Remember that your body needs to function properly in order to help you lose weight and only essential vitamins and minerals are required for that to happen.

The weight loss vitamin plays an important role in maintaining your health in good condition. Furthermore, they can also help you stay in shape even after successful weight loss. However, it is important to take note that no single vitamin can work alone for your body.

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What to take

You need to take in certain combinations of vitamins in order to achieve good results. Vitamin B is one weight loss vitamin that are essential for weight loss, as well as Vitamin C. Here's why:

o Vitamin B3: Also known as niacin, this is essential for the normal production of the thyroid hormone and for your glucose tolerance factor to regulate your blood sugar levels. You can get this from liver, chicken, eggs, fish, oats, and cheese.

o Vitamin B2: This is also known as riboflavin and it is needed for metabolism. Good sources of Vitamin B2 include milk, almonds, eggs, and green leafy vegetables.

o Vitamin B5: Without this, you cannot burn fat. It contributes to energy production and the functions of your adrenalin gland. You can get a dose of Vitamin B5 from green vegetables, meat, nuts, wheat, oats, beans, and eggs.

o Vitamin B6: This is important for your metabolism and your thyroid hormone. Good sources of Vitamin B6 include oats, wheat, fish, bananas, and eggs.


Another essential weight loss vitamin is inositol, which is one of the B vitamins. However, it comes from your liver. You need it to prevent fats from accumulating in the liver. Vitamin C is also important as a vitamin to increase your resistance to sicknesses as well as for proper energy conversion for your cells.

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