A Review of Medifast Weight Loss Center

If you've been trying to lose weight but is still unsuccessful? Why don't you try the Medifast Weight Loss Center's program?

Medifast is one of the many centers in the US right now that offers a weight loss program promising to deliver great results. What makes it 'unique' is that it offers different diet plans for different people.

Weight Loss Plan for Women

This plan was specifically designed to meet the special dietary needs of women and is guaranteed to be a safe and effective program for losing weight. The plan involves a very low-calorie diet that when taken with the center's specially formulated shakes results to a weight loss of 3 to 5 pounds a week.
Weight Loss Plan for Men

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This plan is developed especially for men but can also be used by sporty and very active women who engage in daily strenuous exercise. Compared with the women's plan, this plan provides more protein and a modestly higher calorie count.

Medifast Weight Loss Plan for Diabetics

Diabetics have special dietary concerns which makes it important for them to have a diet plan that's meant just for them. This plans not only helps in controlling blood sugar but can also help Type II diabetics lose unwanted pounds. Meanwhile, the Medifast Weight Loss Center recommends Type I diabetics use Medifast products as an occasional meal replacement only, unless prescribed by their doctor.

Other weight loss plans in the Medifast' product line includes the Medifast Plus for Appetite Suppression, Medifast Plus for Joint Health, and Woman's Wellbeing Menopause Relief.

To speed up their client's progress, the center recommends them to combine exercise with their diet plans and drink 8-oz glasses each day.

As with any other diet plan, you must consult first with your doctor.

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Fat Loss Diet

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