All About the National Weight Loss Challenge

It's time to face the truth. Each day many Americans are struggling with their weight and a lot have tried various diet plans, pills and drinks and many still weren't able to reach their weight loss goals. It's time for us to stop this cycle. It's time to take up a plan that works.

Dr. Ian Smith, a noted physician, journalist and author knows this sad fact. That is why he teamed up with a leading insurance company to issue a 50 million pound national weight loss challenge to African Americans. To help reach this ambitious goal, participants across the country will get information and tools to take off the pounds, receive and give encouragement, as well as track progress.

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The aims of the national weight loss challenge are to teach people about the values of healthy eating and living, to unite the community to overcome this health problem, to learn more about our body and to teach the youth the importance of leading a healthy life.

To keep track of the participants' weight loss, the participants must key in their weight when they started the program and record the results at the end. The running total of weight loss is placed on the website's home page 24/7.

The program features a kit that includes a pedometer to help you reach your weight, a booklet and a motivational CD by Dr. Ian Smith.

The national weight loss challenge is actually open to everyone, whether you're Caucasian, Asian or Hispanic. The program however is focusing on the African American community because they are the group that is most hit by the overweight and obesity problem. Visit the website for details.

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